SWF 'n Slide for Windows - Version History


  • Fixed a problem with corrupt Projector output


  • Added additional compatibility when using Jpeg Import Data
  • Added Sepia image filter
  • Fixed December expiration dates for Projector output


  • Added ability to read rotation data from embedded EXIF data
  • Sound would double up when looping
  • Next control button would not advance to last slide when paused


  • Fixed a bug with the expiration date in Projector files
  • Certain image filter settings were not being saved/loaded properly


  • Fixed a compatibility problem when importing SWF, Lock & Load preloaders and Text-Osterone text effects
  • Fixed a problem with pop-up window settings not being saved
  • Leading carriage returns in text were being stripped off


  • Fixed a problem with transition durations applied to incorrect slides
  • Added a Apply Random Transition option
  • Fixed a problem with publishing QuickTime when the "Compress" option is used


  • Fixed a problem where Fading a Lossless 24 bit image would not show
  • Fixed a problem when encoding certain audio files
  • Fixed a problem with a clicking noise at the end of some audio files
  • Fixed a problem with certain publish settings not being written out correctly
  • The next/previous control buttons will show the transition


  • Fixed a problem when importing certain Text-Osterone effects


  • Fixed a bug where the text would sometimes appear jumbled


  • Added "Fade Color" transition effect
  • Added option to have Projector files expire on a specified date
  • Added option to display full path of the current project file in the title bar
  • %filename in Slide Text chopped off


  • Added ability to import Text-Osterone effects and SWF, Lock & Load preloaders
  • Added "Scale To" and "Curtain" transition effects
  • Added additional export image options
  • Added ability to add a mute control
  • Added pop-up windows option for on-click mouse events
  • Added ability to automatically add the filename to each slide


  • Added ScreenSaver output in the Publish Settings
  • Fixed QuickTime options bug
  • Added additional compatibility when loading project files from previous versions
  • Added option to adjust for Flash bitmap shifting in the Preferences
  • Sync text when jumping to slides with the playback controls


  • Added "Slide In From" and "Slide Out To" transitions


  • Fixed Publish projector bug
  • Preloader text bug


  • Fixed Insert Slide Error


  • Added FSCommands to projector output
  • Added ability to set default settings in the preferences
  • Added image view bounds option
  • Added more specific playback control positioning
  • Added source .fla files for controls
  • Added more preloader options


  • Added background color chooser in HTML output
  • Fixed HTML output SWF bug
  • Added Apply to... to image quality and mouse click action
  • Fixed special character bug in settings file preventing it from being opened


  • Added Cross Fade transition
  • Apply first slide transition when looping slide show


  • Fixed Insert Folder bug
  • SWF preview background color fixed
  • Squashed preview bug fixed
  • Font bugs fixed


  • Initial Release