SWF 'n Slide Pro for Windows - Version History


  • Fixed a problem with the border not appearing
  • Fixed a problem with non-english characters fading incorrectly
  • Fixed a problem with % symbol not appearing in text


  • Fixed a problem with looping specified number of times
  • Background audio for simple slideshows defaults to stream


  • Fixed a problem where images would be drawn over the Desktop erroneously with Quicktime 7
  • Fixed a problem where invalid durations for text would cause slideshow to hang
  • Updated so custom album controls can have text


  • External images loaded into the Target in Strip shows was not centered
  • Previous images not being removed when using the Sliding Bars transition
  • Certain audio files were not being encoded


  • Added Ken Burns Effect to the Transitions FX list
  • Uses better resolution when zooming in on pan/zooms
  • Fixed auto filename option for scrolling slideshows


  • External target SWF files for Strip slideshows had redundant information stored in them
  • Added a fill background space option for transitions in Simple slideshows


  • Allows slower speed for scrolling slideshows
  • Pop up window scrollbars were not being displayed in Firefox
  • Added option to choose page to start in Album slideshows
  • Added Next and Previous buttons for navigating Album slideshows
  • Background image was missing when loading project files


  • Added option to automatically add filename to scrolling slideshows
  • Added option in Preferences to choose to use lower/higher resolution images in the workspace


  • Fixed a problem where projectors would be corrupt
  • Allow Load External option to work without specifying a folder
  • Blank Slides would display the incorrect background color
  • Added Sepia Filter
  • Audio would double up when slideshow loops


  • Added option to add background text to scrolling slide shows
  • Added option to have Target View in scrolling slideshows to automatically advance
  • Transition preview would not show properly


  • Text alpha bug
  • Images shift on certain transition effects
  • Lossless24 export not fading properly


  • Projector output for Albums with expiration date set would result in incorrect page flipping
  • HTML output had extra end bracket >
  • Altered the speed of the mouse controlled scrolling strip


  • Added option to add a link to the Target View
  • Jump to next slide will play the transition
  • Thumbnail strip border was being cropped off
  • Strip slideshow alpha data was not being saved properly


  • FullSizeSource folder was not being outputted correctly when publishing Projector files
  • Added an option in the Preferences to read exif data from compatible jpeg files
  • Image filter settings were not being saved correctly


  • Macintosh Projector output would cause the program to hang
  • Increased compatibility when loading older project file from the standard version of SWF 'n Slide


  • Fixed a compatibility problem when importing SWF, Lock & Load preloaders and Text-Osterone text effects
  • "Window" transition effect settings were not being saved
  • Fixed a problem where deleting the last slide in a simple slide show would cause a crash
  • Control settings were not being saved
  • Fixed various text problems


  • Problem when adding text using % replacements
  • Various interface fixes


  • Initial Release