Tutorials How to auto run Windows Flash Projectors

This tutorial will show you how to have your Windows Flash Projector files (.exe) autorun from a CD-ROM when it is inserted into a computer.

Autorun Feature

Autorun is a system-level feature that launches a designated application on a CD-ROM when the CD-ROM is inserted into a computer. This feature is implemented when the CD is burned. Please note the autorun feature can be disabled on the users computer, in which case an autorun enabled CD will not automatically launch.

Publish your Flash Movie as a Flash Projector file

First you will need to output your Flash Movie as a Flash Projector File (.exe). In our software (including SWF 'n Slide and Text-Osterone) as well as in Flash, this can be done by going to the "File" menu and choose "Publish Settings..."

Projector files are platform specific, meaning a Macintosh projector file cannot be played on a Windows machine, and vice versa. You can, however, create a hybrid CD that contains both Macintosh and Windows projectors. This will require CD burning software which has the ability to create a hybrid CD, such as Roxio's Toast.

Create the autorun.inf File

On Windows, the autorun feature is implemented by putting an .inf file in the parent directory of the CD.

1. Open a text editor such as Notepad or Simple Text and type in the following:


2. Replace myFlashFile.exe with the actual file name of your Windows Flash Projector (.exe) and myIcon.ico with the actual file name of your custom icon. If you do not have an icon, you can remove the last line (icon=myIcon.ico). Do not use spaces in the file names.

Burn your CD-ROM

Burn your CD with the following files in the root directory of the CD (Not in a folder) .

myIcon.ico (if you have one)