Tutorials Insert Flash Into FrontPage

This tutorial will show you how to insert a Flash movie into FrontPage

Publish your Flash and HTML files

First you will need to output both a Flash (.swf) file and HTML page from the Publish Settings window. This method can also apply to Macromedia's Flash authoring tool as it has a similar Publish Settings window which can be accessed from the File menu.

Open the HTML Page in FrontPage

After your Flash (.swf) and HTML files are Published (saved to disk), you can now open the HTML page in FrontPage. In FrontPage, choose "Open" from the "File" menu, and choose the HTML file your published.

You should see a box to indicate where the Flash file is. Click on it to select it. Then choose "Copy" from the "Edit" menu to copy the Flash object.

Switch over to your own HTML page that you want to insert the Flash (.swf) into. Choose "Paste" from the "Edit" menu to paste the Flash object into your HTML page.